SOLD---Weiss McNair JD80 Sweeper $45000.00

2012 Weiss JD80 Sweeper with 80hp John Deere Turbo Diesel and rebuilt 7 1/2' head---------excellent condition------

SALE PENDING---Jessie Field Conveyor $12500.00

Jessie drive over or back over 20" field elevator with cleats for walnuts or almonds etc. with 25 hp. Kohler engine and hydralic leg to hook up to pickup-------excellent condition and very fast-----------------

SOLD---Wizard Pecan Walnut huller $7500.00

Wizard R12 walnut-pecan huller with Wizard 36" by 8' sorting belt and two trash conveyors as shown-------very good condition--------

Ramacher Walnut Harvester $15000.00

1982 Ramacher JD48 walnut harvester with late modle John Deere 6-359 Diesel and new front drive tires-------------runs excellent------------would be great for Pecans also-- i have one pecan chain for it -------

Herbst Dump Cart $15000.00

Herbst High-Low side dump cart with like new Herbst de-sticker--------excellent condition-----dumps at ground level to 9' high----

10' New Drag Scraper $4600.00

10' Heavy Duty Americas Drag Scraper with extra hydralic cylinders for angle cut------------and 11L-15 Tires---

Herbst Dump Cart $15000.00

Herbst side dump cart with Herbst de-sticker-------dumps at ground level or raises 9' to dump into trailer--------

SALE PENDING---Orchard Rite Shaker $39999.00

2008 Orchard Rite mono boom shaker with air-cab , new sweepers and John Deere Diesel

Jack Rabbit Conveyor Cart $17950.00

2003 Jack Rabbit HP335 Conveyor Cart in excellent condition---- sand-blasted and painted with new augers-----------

KCI Bank-out Carts $5000.00

Two KCI large Super Carts 8'X12' for recieving nuts from your conveyor cart to the elevator-----sand-blasted and painted----$5000. each------------

SOLD---Orchard Rite Shaker $27500.00

1994 Orchard Rite mono-boom shaker with John Deere Diesel, air-cab with new compressor , wheel sweeps and updated with 24" clamp------low hours--------runs great-------------

SALE PENDING---Ramacher Walnut Harvester $17500.00

Ramacher JD48 walnut harvester with John Deere Diesel and optional mud fan and lights and up-dated with wide elevator and Ag-Wed chains and electric hydralic valves etc etc at lease a $20000. upgrade --------------------excellent condition----

SOLD---Weiss McNair 8900 Walnut Harvester $15000.00

Weiss McNair 8900 Walnut Harvester---------------very good condition,

SOLD---Flory 480 Harvester $20000.00

2006 Flory harvester with almond chains--------------------very clean and straight----------------will sell as-is for $20000. or could use pickup belt and intermetiate chain , will install for cost-----------

Flory Bankout Atachment $2000.00

Flory conveyor cart push valve assembly for Flory 1180 , 1390 , etc. carts  -------------------------like new-----------

SOLD---Flory 6677 Sweeper $37950.00

2006 Flory 6677 air-cab sweeper with 80hp John Deere Diesel and 6 1/2' complete rebuilt head or excellent 8 1/2' head -----4100 hours---was used 20 hours after new paint ---has some scraches

SOLD---Thomas Shuttle Truck $55000.00

2008 Thomas Bankout truck with Cummins Turbo Diesel------------------excellent condition----------------

SOLD---Weiss McNair 9800 Harvester  $24950.00

2003 Weiss McNair 9800 California Special Almond Harvester-----excellent condition-----------

Weiss McNair 9800 Harvester  $24950.00

2000 Weiss McNair 9800 California Special almond walnut harvester with sprocket drive almond chains , very good condition-----

SOLD---Jack Rabbit Shuttle Truck $45000.00

2006 -----Jack Rabbit Runner ------serial# 206 runs great with all new windows-----------------

SOLD---Jack Rabbit Shuttle Truck $37500.00

2003 Jack Rabbit Runner  --------runs fine-----------

SOLD---Weiss McNair Conveyor Cart $9950.00

2002 Weiss McNair Conveyor Cart -------two chain model------good condition------------

SOLD---Thomas Stockpile Conveyor $27500.00

Thomas 24" elevator with John Deere 4039 Diesel and self-propelled forward backward sideways----excellent condition------

SOLD---Flory 7655 Sweeper $25000.00

2007 Flory 7655-----Kubota Diesel-----complete rebuilt 7 1/2' head--------------excellent condition------------------

Thomas Bankout Conveyor $19500.00

2000 Thomas Bankout field elevator with John Deere Yammer diesel engine and 24" like new belt------------excellent condition-------

SOLD---Thomas Conveyor Cart $18500.00

2000 Thomas Conveyor Cart with bumper valve etc.-----excellent condition------

SOLD---Weiss McNair 9800P Harvester $32500.00

2010 Weiss McNair 9800P Pecan Harvester-----------------very good condition-------------hard to find-------------

SOLD---Flory 1390 Conveyor Cart $17999.00

Flory 1390 Conveyor Cart in excellent condition------------can add bankout bumper valve assembly for $2000.

SOLD---Air-O-Fan Sprayer $39950.00

2010 Air-O-Fan D39 Orchard Sprayer with 600 gallon SS tank and John Deere 6.8L turbo diesel, original paint-------excellent condition----

SOLD---Air-O-Fan Sprayer $65000.00

2015 Air-O-Fan D240 with two 40" Fans and Cummins 6.7L tier4i  220hp.with only 800 hours and 600 gallon SS tank with all the options------------lights, swivel hitch, 2" quick fill, electric valves, hydraulic clutch, hydraulic mechanical agitation, etc. etc.

SOLD---Weiss McNair 9800P Harvester $37500.00

2013 Weiss McNair 9800P Pecan harvester in excellent condition------------with all updates and new complete pickup belt and fan blades etc---------------hard to find used------------

SOLD---Wizard Pecan Walnut huller $5000.00

Two Wizard R12 dehuller-washer for pecans or walnuts-----with extra brushes--------$5000. each

SOLD---Weiss McNair JD80LP Sweeper $37500.00

2007 Weiss McNair JD80LP Sweeper with John Deere 80hp Diesel and rebuilt 7 1/2' tine-bar head-----excellent condition with showing only 1050 hours -------------------------

SOLD---Orchard Rite Shaker $45000.00

2009 Orchard Rite Mono-Boom shaker with John Deere Turbo-Diesel and new wheel sweeps etc-----very nice---runs excellent----------

SOLD---Jack Rabbit Shuttle Truck $37500.00

Jack Rabbit Runner ------------with Cummins Turbo Diesel------------runs great--------- needs paint etc. and has hard to see through windows------------

SOLD---Thomas Field Conveyor $6950.00

 Thomas field elevator with 16" cleated belt for almond pecan walnut harvest  ------excellent condition------with new tires------

SOLD---Thomas Shuttle Truck $45000.00

Thomas Shuttle Truck with John Deere 6.8L diesel and air-cab--------------looks and runs great ------

SOLD---Herbst Dump Cart $15000.00

Herbst Super Dump Cart with Herbst de-sticker----------dumps to 9' comes with hydralic valve and hoses----------------very nice------------

SOLD---Flory 850 Harvester $35000.00

2007 Flory 850 Harvester with almond chains with new Flory pickup belt and bottom roller and bearings etc. -------complete with 3 point tractor hitch and PTO shaft-----------------very nice----------

SOLD---Ramacher 9600 Harvester $27500.00

1997 Ramacher 9600 self-propelled harvester with almond chain will install new walnut or pecan chain for $3500. runs great with John Deere 4039 Turbo diesel--------------

SOLD---Flory 7480 Harvester $44950.00

Flory 7480 self-propelled harvester with almond chains and John Deere turbo diesel and bankout hydralics-----updated with twin-rod pickup belt-------excellent condition-----

SOLD---Flory 1180 Conveyor Cart $19950.00

Flory 1180 Conveyor Cart with augers and optional bumper valve---------this is the shorter one some growers like in tight planting-------perfect condition---------

SOLD---Flory 7675 Sweeper $35000.00

2000 Flory air-cab almond walnut sweeper with 7 1/2' head and 80hp. John Deere 4.5L diesel ------excellent condition-------

SOLD---Orchard Rite Shaker $69950.00

2011 Orchard Rite Bullet with only 1350 hours -------------excellent condition with Caterpillar 6 clyinder diesel-----------Wet Head---Lights---Radio---etc. for almond or walnut harvest----------------

SOLD---Jack Rabbit Conveyor Cart $25000.00

Jackrabbit Wedge Conveyor Cart----------------nice-----------

SOLD---Thomas Conditioning Cart $9500.00

Thomas Conditioner Cart with de-sticker etc--------------

12' Orchard Leveler $4950.00

NEW 12' V scraper with optional roller---copy of a Schmeiser--------------heavy duty---very nice---

SOLD---Offset Wheel Disc $5950.00

Four Unused  offset wheel discs $5950. each ,made in Mexico, copy of a John Deere, with 24" blades complete with blade scrapers-------very nice---------priced at a fraction of a  new disc-----------have one of each----9'SOLD---10'6"SOLD----11'3"SOLD and  12'SOLD----------------

SOLD---Conditioner Cart $7500.00

Conditioner Cart copy of a Thomas with new factory Thomas de-sticker chain---------looks in excellent condition--------------

Super Carts $5500.00

Two Flory copy Super Carts, bottom dump with augers , sandblasted and painted ----------very nice-------$5500. each

SOLD---Peerless Drying Trailers $4950.00

Two hydralic dump Peerless drying trailers with extenions-------sand-blasted and painted------------$4950.each

SOLD---Flory 6656 Sweeper $32500.00

2010 Flory 6656 Sweeper with Kubota Diesel engine and 6.6' head and lights, branch guard availible ,  with only 2300 hours-------------------------excellent condition---------------

John Deere 3010 Orchard $0.00

Tractor not for sale ------- just showing off my 1962 John Deere 3010 Orchard tractor that we just restored----- one of only  76 John Deere 3010 Orchards------------

SOLD---KCI 4024 Conveyor $22500.00

KCI 4024 field elevator with new 24" belt ---- Deutz 40hp diesel and self-propelled hydralic power wheel moves conveyor forward and reverse and turns and raises conveyor up to hook to pickup-------Nice------

SOLD---Thomas Drive Over Conveyor $15500.00

2006 Thomas 24" drive over elevator for loading bins or boxes-------excellent condition with cleats for walnuts or almonds------------------dumps @ 8' or 4'4" with deflector as shown------

10' Drag Scraper $3500.00

New 10' Americas Drag Scraper complete with new hydralic cylinder and hoes and 6.70X15 tires.also have a new 12' like this for $4000.

Jack Rabbit Conveyor Cart $12500.00

Jack Rabbit conveyor cart with Herbst de-sticker, made for pecans to dump into Peerless drying trailers or anything with out using a conveyor---dumps 8 1/2' . overall height 10' . can be used for almonds and walnuts if you dont have height problem, or rear conveyor could be modified-------the one with the blue de-sticker is SOLD , one with green de-sticker will sell for $12500. as-is . The Herbst de-sticker part was a $10000. option---------------------------

Caterpillar D4C $6950.00

Caterpillar D4C Orchard Tractor in excellent condition-----------direct start, runs and drives great-----5 speed forward and reverse.

Flory walnut chains $1000.00

 have walnut chain for a 3100 6500 or 8300---$1000.  not pictured -------1"X1"   30" wide-----------

Fast Hitch $500.00

KCI Fast Hitch for tractor so you do not have to get off tractor to hook and unhook and manualy lift carts. $500. each