Carts and Trailers

Herbst Dump Cart $15000.00

Herbst High-Low side dump cart with like new Herbst de-sticker--------excellent condition-----dumps at ground level to 9' high----

Herbst Dump Cart $15000.00

Herbst side dump cart with Herbst de-sticker-------dumps at ground level or raises 9' to dump into trailer--------

Jack Rabbit Conveyor Cart $17950.00

2003 Jack Rabbit HP335 Conveyor Cart in excellent condition---- sand-blasted and painted with new augers-----------

KCI Bank-out Carts $5000.00

Two KCI large Super Carts 8'X12' for recieving nuts from your conveyor cart to the elevator-----sand-blasted and painted----$5000. each------------

Flory Bankout Atachment $2000.00

Flory conveyor cart push valve assembly for Flory 1180 , 1390 , etc. carts  -------------------------like new-----------

SOLD---Weiss McNair Conveyor Cart $9950.00

2002 Weiss McNair Conveyor Cart -------two chain model------good condition------------

SOLD---Flory 1390 Conveyor Cart $17999.00

Flory 1390 Conveyor Cart in excellent condition------------can add bankout bumper valve assembly for $2000.

SOLD---Herbst Dump Cart $15000.00

Herbst Super Dump Cart with Herbst de-sticker----------dumps to 9' comes with hydralic valve and hoses----------------very nice------------

SOLD---Flory 1180 Conveyor Cart $19950.00

Flory 1180 Conveyor Cart with augers and optional bumper valve---------this is the shorter one some growers like in tight planting-------perfect condition---------

SOLD---Jack Rabbit Conveyor Cart $25000.00

Jackrabbit Wedge Conveyor Cart----------------nice-----------

SOLD---Thomas Conditioning Cart $9500.00

Thomas Conditioner Cart with de-sticker etc--------------

SOLD---Conditioner Cart $7500.00

Conditioner Cart copy of a Thomas with new factory Thomas de-sticker chain---------looks in excellent condition--------------

Super Carts $5500.00

Two Flory copy Super Carts, bottom dump with augers , sandblasted and painted ----------very nice-------$5500. each

Jack Rabbit Conveyor Cart $12500.00

Jack Rabbit conveyor cart with Herbst de-sticker, made for pecans to dump into Peerless drying trailers or anything with out using a conveyor---dumps 8 1/2' . overall height 10' . can be used for almonds and walnuts if you dont have height problem, or rear conveyor could be modified-------the one with the blue de-sticker is SOLD , one with green de-sticker will sell for $12500. as-is . The Herbst de-sticker part was a $10000. option---------------------------

Fast Hitch $500.00

KCI Fast Hitch for tractor so you do not have to get off tractor to hook and unhook and manualy lift carts. $500. each