SALE PENDING---Jessie Field Conveyor $12500.00

Jessie drive over or back over 20" field elevator with cleats for walnuts or almonds etc. with 25 hp. Kohler engine and hydralic leg to hook up to pickup-------excellent condition and very fast-----------------

SOLD---Thomas Stockpile Conveyor $27500.00

Thomas 24" elevator with John Deere 4039 Diesel and self-propelled forward backward sideways----excellent condition------

SOLD---Thomas Field Conveyor $6950.00

 Thomas field elevator with 16" cleated belt for almond pecan walnut harvest  ------excellent condition------with new tires------

SOLD---KCI 4024 Conveyor $22500.00

KCI 4024 field elevator with new 24" belt ---- Deutz 40hp diesel and self-propelled hydralic power wheel moves conveyor forward and reverse and turns and raises conveyor up to hook to pickup-------Nice------

SOLD---Thomas Drive Over Conveyor $15500.00

2006 Thomas 24" drive over elevator for loading bins or boxes-------excellent condition with cleats for walnuts or almonds------------------dumps @ 8' or 4'4" with deflector as shown------