Ramacher 348 Harvester $12500.00

1978 Ramacher 348 Walnut Harvester with 300 Ford engine , Ag-Web walnut chain-----new fan liner-----etc-----runs great-----

Weiss McNair 8900 Harvester $16950.00

1998 and a 1996 Weiss McNair 8900 PTO almond harvesters----4' wide chains straight through-----repaired and painted-----$16950. each

Weiss McNair 8900 Harvester $27500.00

1996 Weiss McNair 8900 self-propelled harvester with almond chains. John Deere 4039 turbo diesel runs excellent.

SOLD---Flory 7300 Harvester $17500.00

Flory 7300 self-propelled almond harvester with John Deere 4039 diesel and new pickup belt,shaft & bearings, fan blades and linner and rear sand chain etc. etc. 

SOLD---Flory 480 Harvester $22000.00

2000 Flory 480 with 28mm almond chains and complete rebuilt blower with new linners, blades, shaft, bearings, spider, belt, etc. etc.

SOLD---Flory 850 Harvester $29950.00

TWO 2007 Flory 850 harvesters with almond chains----------------excellent condition-------------$29950. each

SOLD---Weiss McNair 9800 Harvester $25000.00

Weiss McNair 9800 California Special with almond chains with new pickup belt and front feeder etc. etc.

SOLD---Flory 4800 Harvester $27500.00

Flory 4800 harvester with Ag-Web walnut chains , John Deere turbo diesel , new blower blades etc.----runs great----

SOLD---Flory 8300 Harvester $22950.00

1990 Flory 8300 walnut harvester with only 1400 hours-----------parked in the barn since new-------extra clean with the optional 4039 John Deere turbo diesel-----------and bank-out hydralics and auger drive--------------also good for pecans if you change chain.

SOLD---Flory 7480 Harvester $42950.00

Flory 7480 Walnut Harvester with two seasons on John Deere 4.5L turbo diesel-------with bank-out hydralics