SALE PENDING---Ramacher JD48 Harvester $16500.00

1982 Ramacher JD48 walnut harvester with John Deere 100 hp. diesel in excellent condition----with optional Mud-Fan (cutting blade goes around inside of fan housing and keeps mud from building up) also has bankout hydralics etc.-----

SOLD---Flory 6500 Harvester $17500.00

Flory 6500 walnut harvester with John Deere diesel in excellent condition---------------

Flory 850 Harvester $30950.00

2007 Flory 850 Almond Walnut Harvester with almond chains with new blower blades etc.---excellent condition---

Weiss McNair 9800 Harvester $23000.00

2001 Weiss McNair California Special 9800 almond harvester----with optional bank-out hydralics and hydralic front feeder----with new blower blades etc.----excellent condition----

Weiss McNair 9800 Harvester $19990.00

2000 Weiss McNair California Special almond harvester------very good condition------

Flory 7480 Harvester $42500.00

Flory 7480 Walnut Harvester with two seasons on John Deere 4.5L turbo diesel-------with bank-out hydralics