Ramacher Walnut Harvester $15000.00

1982 Ramacher JD48 walnut harvester with late modle John Deere 6-359 Diesel and new front drive tires-------------runs excellent------------would be great for Pecans also-- i have one pecan chain for it -------

SALE PENDING---Ramacher Walnut Harvester $17500.00

Ramacher JD48 walnut harvester with John Deere Diesel and optional mud fan and lights and up-dated with wide elevator and Ag-Wed chains and electric hydralic valves etc etc at lease a $20000. upgrade --------------------excellent condition----

SOLD---Weiss McNair 8900 Walnut Harvester $15000.00

Weiss McNair 8900 Walnut Harvester---------------very good condition,

SOLD---Flory 480 Harvester $20000.00

2006 Flory harvester with almond chains--------------------very clean and straight----------------will sell as-is for $20000. or could use pickup belt and intermetiate chain , will install for cost-----------

SOLD---Weiss McNair 9800 Harvester  $24950.00

2003 Weiss McNair 9800 California Special Almond Harvester-----excellent condition-----------

Weiss McNair 9800 Harvester  $24950.00

2000 Weiss McNair 9800 California Special almond walnut harvester with sprocket drive almond chains , very good condition-----

SOLD---Weiss McNair 9800P Harvester $32500.00

2010 Weiss McNair 9800P Pecan Harvester-----------------very good condition-------------hard to find-------------

SOLD---Weiss McNair 9800P Harvester $37500.00

2013 Weiss McNair 9800P Pecan harvester in excellent condition------------with all updates and new complete pickup belt and fan blades etc---------------hard to find used------------

SOLD---Flory 850 Harvester $35000.00

2007 Flory 850 Harvester with almond chains with new Flory pickup belt and bottom roller and bearings etc. -------complete with 3 point tractor hitch and PTO shaft-----------------very nice----------

SOLD---Ramacher 9600 Harvester $27500.00

1997 Ramacher 9600 self-propelled harvester with almond chain will install new walnut or pecan chain for $3500. runs great with John Deere 4039 Turbo diesel--------------

SOLD---Flory 7480 Harvester $44950.00

Flory 7480 self-propelled harvester with almond chains and John Deere turbo diesel and bankout hydralics-----updated with twin-rod pickup belt-------excellent condition-----