Orchard Rite Shaker $39500.00

98 Orchard-Rite Mono-Boom Shaker with only 2000 hours------John Deere 6-359 Diesel-----air-cab , wet-head , new sweepers-----excellent condition-----

Orchard Rite Shaker $39500.00

2008 Orchard Rite mono boom shaker with air-cab , new sweepers and John Deere Diesel, great for almond pecan or walnut harvest!

SOLD---Orchard Rite Shaker $45000.00

2009 Orchard Rite Mono-Boom shaker with John Deere Turbo-Diesel and new wheel sweeps etc-----very nice---runs excellent----------

SOLD---Orchard Rite Shaker $69950.00

2011 Orchard Rite Bullet with only 1350 hours -------------excellent condition with Caterpillar 6 clyinder diesel-----------Wet Head---Lights---Radio---etc. for almond or walnut harvest----------------