Equipment List

SOLD---Jackrabbit Wedge Cart

2015 Jackrabbit wedge conveyor cart with almond chains excel (...)

SOLD---Flory 1390 conveyor cart

2014 Flory 1390 conveyor cart with brand new chain, slides, (...)

Super Cart

Copy of a Flory SuperCart without augurs, sandblasted and pa (...)

SOLD---Flory Conveyor Cart

Flory 1390 conveyor cart with de-sticker excellent excellent (...)

SOLD---Herbst dump cart

Herbst side dump cart that raises up nine feet or dumps at g (...)

SOLD---1280 Conveyor Cart

Extra clean 1280 Flory conveyor cart with bank out valve

Jack Rabbit conveyor cart

Early model Jackrabbit conveyor cart with de-sticker and wal (...)

Thomas Nut Carts

Thomas Nut Carts----4--bottom dump------in excellent cond (...)

Jessie Nut Cart

Jessie Nut Cart-----------bottom dump in excellent condit (...)

Jack Rabbit Pecan Conveyor Cart

Jack Rabbit Pecan Conveyor Cart with Herbst de-sticker an (...)

SOLD---Herbst Dump Cart

Herbst High-Low side dump cart with like new Herbst de-st (...)