Equipment List

2017 Weiss McNair 9800P Harvester

2017 Weiss McNair 9800P Pecan Walnut Harvester excellent con (...)

Ramacher JD48 Harvester

1982 Ramacher JD48 walnut harvester with a lot of updates as (...)

Weiss Pecan Pre-Cleaner

Weiss Pecan windrow cleaner, very similar to Savages Row-Vac

SOLD---Weiss McNair 9800P Harvester

2010 Weiss McNair 9800P Pecan Harvester just got it back fro (...)

SOLD---Flory 860 Harvester

2016 Flory 860 PTO Harvester with Walnut chains very low usa (...)

SALE PENDING---Flory 860 Harvester

2013 Flory 860 PTO Harvester with pecan chains with new pic (...)

SOLD---Ramacher 9500 Harvester

1997 Rainmaker 9500 Harvester with almond chain very good co (...)

SOLD---Wiess McNair 9800 Harvester

2018 Wiess McNair 9800 California Special used only one year (...)

SOLD-Exact conditioner

Exact E250 conditioner in excellent condition

SOLD---Flory 8500 Almond Harvester

2009 Flory air-cab 8500 Almond Harvester excellent condition (...)