Equipment List

Flory 1380 Conveyor Cart

Flory 1380 conveyor cart with shuttle truck bumper, almond c (...)

Jackrabbit Reservoir cart

Jackrabbit Wedge 10 Reservoir cart with almond chains , auge (...)

SOLD---Jackrabbit Reservoir Cart

Jackrabbit Wedge 10 Cart with almond chains excellent condit (...)

SOLD---New side dump carts

New side dump cart similar to Jackrabbit Jack Cart, but made (...)

SOLD---Flory 1390 Conveyor Carts

Two Flory 1390 conveyor carts, one with almond chains one wi (...)

Thomas nut carts

3 Thomas 8 ft long by 7 ft wide bottom dump nut carts, nice (...)

Flory 1180 Super Cart

Two Flory 1180 Super Carts bottom dump 11 ft long 8 ft wide (...)