Equipment List

Conveyor Cart

Flory 1280 conveyor cart welded together for a project at Mo (...)

Flory Super Carts

Factory Flory Super Carts sandblasted and painted excellent (...)

KCI Conveyor Cart

KCI Conveyor Cart

SOLD---Jack Rabbit conveyor cart

Jack Rabbit HP 335 conveyor cart with augers and Runner bump (...)

New Side Dump Carts

3 Side dump carts , $8999.ea. If you buy two or more, new f (...)

Super Carts

2 Flory 1180 Super Carts 11' X8' wide with augers. $3500. (...)

SOLD---Herbst dump cart

Herbst back dump cart with Herbst de-sticker and all hoes an (...)

SOLD-- Thomas shuttle cart

Thomas front dump shuttle cart 8 foot wide by 12 ft long big (...)

SOLD---Herbst dump cart

Herbst high-low side dump cart with herbst de-sticker