Equipment List

Flory 7655 Sweeper

Flory 7655 sweeper with Kubota diesel only 1600 hours just l (...)

Flory 7655 Sweeper

With Kubota diesel only 1900 hours perfect condition

1280 Conveyor Cart

Extra clean 1280 Flory conveyor cart with bank out valve

Flory 7678 aircab sweeper

2010 Flory 7678 sweeper with 4.5 John Deere turbo diesel exc (...)

Flory 850 Harvester

2011 Flory 850 PTO almond Harvester $32500. as is , $40,000 (...)

John Deere Orchard Tractors

Not for sale just showing my collection, 1961 John Deere 101 (...)

SOLD---Flory Pecan Harvester

Flory LD80 Pecan Harvester in excellent condition predecesso (...)

2011 Weiss McNair 9800P Harvester

Pecan Harvester in very good condition

SOLD--Flory conveyor cart

Flory 1180 conveyor cart excellent condition,

Jack Rabbit conveyor cart

Early model Jackrabbit conveyor cart with de-sticker and wal (...)

SOLD---Flory 7630 sweeper

2011 Flory 7630 sweeper with 8 1/2' head. 2500 hours

SOLD--Flory 7678 Sweeper

--Flory 7678 Sweeper

Weiss McNair B85 Blower

Weiss McNair B85 Blower

SOLD---Weiss McNair JD40 Sweeper

2006 Weiss McNair JD40 Sweeper with eight and a half foot he (...)

Flory 1180 Super Carts

Two Flory 1180 Super Carts in excellent condition-----$50 (...)

SOLD---Jack Rabbit 20/30 Conveyor

Jack Rabbit 20/30 Conveyor

SOLD---Flory 8550 Harvester

Flory 8550 Harvester

SOLD---Flory 8500 Harvester

Flory 8500 Walnut Harvester, excellent condition with fresh (...)

SOLD Flory 8500 Harvester

Flory 8500 Harvester

SOLD--New Holland Tractor

SOLD--New Holland Tractor

Thomas Nut Carts

Thomas Nut Carts------bottom dump------in excellent condi (...)

Jessie Nut Cart

Jessie Nut Cart-----------bottom dump in excellent condit (...)

SOLD---Orchard Rite Shaker

2009 Orchard-Rite Mono-Boom air-cab Shaker with John Deer (...)

SOLD---Weiss McNair JD80LP Sweeper

2007 Weiss McNair JD80LP air-cab sweeper with 7 1/2' head (...)

SOLD---Jack Rabbit Prepper Jack

Jack Rabbit Prepper Jack

SOLD---Thomas Conditioning Cart

2013 Thomas Conditioning Cart complete with de-sticker -- (...)

SOLD---Flory 480 Harvester

Flory 480 PTO Almond Harvester-----repaired and painted-- (...)

Flory 1180 Super Carts

Two Super Carts---- one Flory 1180 with augers and one Fl (...)

SOLD---Flory 7480 Harvester

Flory late model 7480PT Harvester with the John Deere 4.5 (...)

12' Drag Scraper

12' Drag Scraper

Jack Rabbit Pecan Conveyor Cart

Jack Rabbit Pecan Conveyor Cart with Herbst de-sticker an (...)

SOLD---Weiss McNair JD80 Sweeper

2010 Weiss McNair JD80LP air-cab Sweeper with 80hp John D (...)

SOLD---Jack Rabbit Stick Jack

Late model Jack Rabbit Stick Jack-------excellent conditi (...)

Ramacher Walnut Harvester

1982 Ramacher JD48 Walnut Harvester with newer John Deere (...)

SOLD---Orchard Rite Shaker

2009 Orchard Rite Mono-Boom Shaker in excellent condition (...)

SOLD---Thomas Field Conveyor

24" Thomas field conveyor with new big Z belt , retu (...)

SOLD---Orchard Rite Shaker

2004 Orchard-Rite Bullet Shaker with John Deere 6.8L Turb (...)

SOLD---John Deere Disc (copy)

New made in Mexico copy of a John Deere 8'3" offset (...)

SOLD---Peerless Drying Trailers

Two Peerless Drying Trailers with hydralic dump--------$3 (...)

Ramacher Walnut Harvester

Ramacher JD48 walnut harvester with John Deere 6-329 dies (...)

Wizard Pecan Walnut huller brushes

Wizard R12 spare brushes $200. each and just plates $100. (...)

SOLD---Wizard Pecan Walnut huller

Wizard R12 walnut-pecan huller with Wizard 36" by 8' (...)

SOLD---Herbst Dump Cart

Herbst High-Low side dump cart with like new Herbst de-st (...)

10' New Drag Scraper

10' New Drag Scraper

Herbst Dump Cart

Herbst side dump cart with Herbst de-sticker-------dumps (...)

SOLD---Thomas Shuttle Truck

2008 Thomas Bankout truck with Cummins Turbo Diesel------ (...)

SOLD---Jack Rabbit Shuttle Truck

2006 -----Jack Rabbit Runner ----- runs great with all ne (...)

SOLD---Thomas Stockpile Conveyor

Thomas 24" elevator with John Deere 4039 Diesel and (...)

SOLD---Thomas Bankout Conveyor

2000 Thomas Bankout field elevator with John Deere Yammer (...)

SOLD---Air-O-Fan Sprayer

2015 Air-O-Fan D240 with two 40" Fans and Cummins 6. (...)

SOLD---Weiss McNair 9800P Harvester

2013 Weiss McNair 9800P Pecan harvester in excellent cond (...)

12' Orchard Leveler

NEW 12' V scraper with optional roller---copy of a Schmei (...)

John Deere 3010 Orchard

Tractor not for sale ------- just showing off my 1962 Joh (...)

Caterpillar D4C

Caterpillar D4C Orchard Tractor in excellent condition--- (...)

Flory walnut chains

Flory walnut chains for self-propelled Flory 6500 8300 6100 (...)