Equipment List

SOLD---Flory 8600 Harvester

2012 Flory 8600 Harvester with almond chains twin Rod pickup (...)

SOLD---Flory 6656 Sweeper

2012 Flory 6656 sweeper with Kubota diesel only 1600 hours a (...)

SOLD---Flory 2500 Blower

Like new Flory model 2500 PTO blower for your tractor this i (...)

SOLD---Flory 7633 air cab Sweeper

2014 Flory 7633 air cab sweeper with rebuilt seven and a hal (...)

Flory 7656 Sweeper

2012 Flory 7656 with Kubota diesel engine excellent original (...)

SOLD---Flory 6633 air cab Sweeper

2016 Flory 6633 Sweeper with only 1749 hours, rebuilt 6 1/2' (...)

Orchard V Bade Leveler

Industries America 12' new Orchard V blade leveler for tract (...)

Spectrum spray rig

Spectrum electrostatic spray rig 400 gallon capacity looks t (...)

SALE PENDING---Orchard Rite Shaker

2015 Orchard Rite shaker mono boom with air-cab and rotary s (...)

Flory 8500 Almond Harvester

2009 Flory 8500 Air-Cab Almond Harvester with twin-rod picku (...)

SOLD--Flory 7656 diesel sweeper

2012 Flory 7656 Sweeper in perfect oringial condition with K (...)

New Side Dump Carts

4 Side dump carts , $8999.ea. If you buy two or more, new f (...)

Super Carts

5 Flory 1180 Super Carts 11' X8' wide with augers. $3500. (...)

SOLD---Flory 8500 Air-Cab Harvester

2009 Flory 8500 Walnut Pecan Harvester excellent condition w (...)

SOLD---Herbst dump cart

Herbst back dump cart with Herbst de-sticker and all hoes an (...)

SOLD---Flory 8500 Almond Harvester

2009 Flory air-cab 8500 Almond Harvester excellent condition (...)

SOLD--Flory 7675 sweeper

Flory 7675 air cab sweeper excellent condition with John Dee (...)

SOLD---Thomas Bank out truck

1999 Thomas shuttle truck with John Deere 6.8L Diesel and F (...)

SOLD---Flory 7656 diesel sweepers

Flory 2012 7656 sweepers with Kubota diesel engines---excell (...)

SOLD---Thomas field elevator

Late model Thomas 24 in drive over field conveyor excellent (...)

SOLD-- Thomas shuttle cart

Thomas front dump shuttle cart 8 foot wide by 12 ft long big (...)

SOLD---Flory 860 Almond Harvester

2014 Flory 860XL Almond Harvester with all Twin Rod chains - (...)

SOLD---Flory 4800 Harvester

Flory 4800 self-propelled Harvester with John Deere turbocha (...)

SALE PENDING---Herbst dump cart

Herbst high-low side dump cart with herbst de-sticker

SOLD---FMC Shaker

1980 FMC 4000 Shaker with 729 walnut pecan head and Ford 300 (...)

SOLD---Weiss McNair JD80LP Sweeper

2012 Weiss McNair JD80LP air cab sweeper with John Deere 4.5 (...)

SOLD--Exact E250 Conditioner

Late model Exact E250 conditioner in excellent condition har (...)

SOLD-- Weiss McNair 9800 P Harvester

2011 Weiss McNair 9800P Pecan Walnut Harvester excellent con (...)

SOLD-- Orchard Rite Shaker

2012 Orchard Rite mono boom Air-Cab shaker excellent conditi (...)

SOLD---Flory 7678 Sweeper

2014 Flory 7678 air-cab sweeper with only two thousand hours (...)

SOLD---KCI Field Conveyor

KCI 4024 field conveyor with Duetz Diesel and 24 in wide bel (...)

SOLD---Peerless drying trailers

Two Peerless hydraulic dump drying trailers $4950. each

SOLD---Peerless double burner dryer

Peerless Wisper Jet dryer burner for 2 Peerless trailers lik (...)

SOLD---New drag scrapers

New American Industries new 8 foot and 10-foot drag scrapers (...)

SOLD---Jackrabbit conveyor cart

Jackrabbit HP 335 conveyor cart with Draper tops and Runner (...)

SOLD---New 10'3 offset wheel disc

John Deere copy --- offset wheel disc 10 foot 3 size made in (...)

Exact 3800E Almond Harvester

Late model Exact E3800 Almond Harvester with low dust water (...)

SALE PENDING---Herbst dump cart

Herbst high-low rear dump cart--7' wide . 7' long box and 7' (...)

SOLD--- Flory 1280 Conveyor Cart

Flory 1280 conveyor cart with Walnut chain very good conditi (...)

SOLD--- Jack Rabbit Conveyor Cart

Jackrabbit wedge 10 conveyor cart with almond chains very go (...)

SOLD---Jack Rabbit Jack Cart

Late model Jack Rabbit Jack Cart in excellent condition

John Deere 2020 Grove Tractor

Collector tractor very rare less than a hundred made 1969 Jo (...)

FMC wrap-around Harvester

FMC wrap-around Harvester shaker 3 wheel drive John Deere di (...)

John Deere Orchard Grove Tractors

Not for sale just showing my collection, 1961 John Deere 101 (...)

Jack Rabbit Pecan Conveyor Cart

Jack Rabbit Pecan Conveyor Cart with Herbst de-sticker an (...)

John Deere 3010 Orchard

Tractor not for sale ------- just showing off my 1962 Joh (...)